If You Have an Accident

Pug 106Do not leave the scene of the accident!
Call the Police as soon as possible.
If anyone has sustained serious injury do not attempt to move them. Call an ambulance.
Get help and inform others if it is safe to do so.

Do not admit liability
Even if your not to blame, do not admit liability.
You may invalidate your insurance.

Get all the details
If you accidents involves another driver or person make sure you get their details.
Names, addresses, contact numbers and insurance details of anyone else involved.
Take note of all vehicle involved in the accident. Make, Model, Colour and Registration numbers.
Make notes of the time of the accident, date and location, as well as anything else that may be relevant such as weather conditions and visibility.

Use your phone
Most of us have a mobile phone with us at all times.
If you have no pen and paper store all relevant information in your mobile.
Take as many photos as you can of the damage, injuries and location if possible.

Witnesses to the accident
If anyone witnesses you accident get their details also.
Make sure they don’t leave the scene before you do.

Contact us about collecting and repairing your vehicle – Telephone: 01543 422229
We are are a Qdos approved company.
If the accident was not your fault we will collect you car and give you an equivalent vehicle within 4 working hours.
We authorise and fund the repairs
You have no excess to pay
You will not lose your No Claims Bonus
The repair costs will be claimed from the at-fault insurer, not your own.

For more information on Qdos visit www.qdosdirect.co.uk